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What Our Customers Think About our Landscaping Service

“The professionals at Pro Service Landscape have successfully completed two significant landscape projects for us. Pro Service was involved in all aspects of the project including conceptual design, implementation and maintenance. Their personnel are courteous, attentive and a pleasure to work with. Pro Service leverages and works effectively with a broad range of skilled resources and consistently delivering on time and on budget. We confidently recommend Pro Service to anyone thinking about embarking upon a landscape project of any magnitude.”
“Mike Bos and Pro-Service Landscaping have been doing landscape work at my home in Woodinville for more than 8 years. The work that he and his company have done is exemplary. He's has fabulous ideas, consulted with others when necessary, and executed the work beautifully. Mike has also always stood behind his work, coming to take care of any issues that have arisen due to storms or other unforeseen events. He has turned our very plain-Jane backyard into a beautiful and wonderful northwest retreat. I highly recommend Mike and his company to anyone in need of the type of services that he offers.”
“Dear Mike,

I'm happy to be included in a list of satisfied customers. The sprinkler system is fantastic. It was so nice to not have to spend countless hours this summer dragging hoses around to water the lawn and garden. It basically took care of itself with the automatic timer. The area you landscaped looks great. I love the selection and placement of the plants and trees. The view off the back deck is really beautiful. I appreciated the efficiency of your crew and the extra attention and effort you provided. It never felt like it was just another 'job' for you, but that you personally cared about the project from start to finish, and wanted it to look great. Thanks!”

“My husband and I were very impressed with Pro Service Landscape. We had put out several bids for an irrigation system and both agreed that Mike Bos’s advice and knowledge was top rated. We really appreciated the time he spent with us explaining the design and usage of the system. After installation Mike was readily available for adjustments and phone support with programming questions. Great customer service! We would highly recommend Pro Service Landscape and plan to use them for future projects.”
- Laura & Fred (Woodinville, WA)
“Dear Mike,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for your company’s handy work in our yard. Every spring I am reminded, while watching all of our neighbors cleaning up their yard after the winter months, how fortunate I am to have the yard that I do and to have worked with such a professional company for so many years in the planning of it. The planning has really paid off in limiting the amount of maintenance that needs to go into protecting our investment on the property. In the spring, summer, and fall the plantings are blooming. In the summer I never have to move a hose or even water my hanging baskets. No longer do I come home from summer vacation and the grass and every plant hanging from a basket burnt beyond recognition, however, none of that compares to the enjoyment that Dawn and I receive every time we pull up to the driveway. With the schedules we keep we simply can not get away very much so we like to think as our home as a little resort and the work done in the yard certainly caters to that.”
“Most of all I just wanted to say thank you. As you know I also own my own company so I understand hard work, long hours and integrity. I also do not have much patience for companies and individuals that do not present those qualities. You should take pride in the fact that you have succeeded in all of them. During the remodel on our home your company was the only one that came when scheduled, accomplished what was asked and finished on time while upholding impeccable quality standards.”
“It has been 8 years since you put the first shovel in the ground here and the results of all the side projects since then are sure paying off now.”
- Rodney F.